Friends of the Shul


No doubt you are receiving requests to support all kinds of causes all the time…
Still, we venture to draw your attention to our project, referring to the dramatic history (see Menu) of the Shul.
As from the start of the new millennium of the common era, Jewish life in our region has seen a new burgeoning, after having been interrupted for decades in the aftermath of the Shoah. However, the Alkmaar Jewish community leads a wandering life because up to now it has no house of its own. Before WW II, the Alkmaar Shul was one of six in our region. After the Shoah, none of these could be sustained, and consequently the Alkmaar Jews either depend on the hospitability of the Amsterdam or Haarlem communities, or have to make do with secular community centres.
The re-acquisition of the original Shul building (December 2009) and its subsequent restoration will most likely put an end to this undesirable situation. The Alkmaar Synagogue Foundation sets out to restore the Shul to a regional Jewish cultural function. To achieve this, the Shul will be complemented with a ‘multifunctional space’ to host a multimedia library, a pantry, a sukkah, etcetera.
After the purchase of the Shul building, by virtue of the support of several Jewish and non-Jewish funds, we still need financial help to acquire the attributes necessary to synagogal functioning and to furnish the ‘multifunctional space’.

You can offer your support by payment on the bank account of the Alkmaar Synagogue Foundation,

ING 7778010 (IBAN: NL46ING0007778010; BIC: INGBNL2A).

In so doing, you may specify that you ‘adopt

(a) stone(s)’ [1 stone for EUR 25] or ‘adopt

(a) Shul chair(s)’ [1 chair for EUR 100].

If you opt for such an adoption, a certificate will be sent to your home address, if you were so kind as to make it known to us (of course, such information will remain private and solely used for this purpose).